mobile connectory
Mobile Connectory is the safe, secure, sustainable way to create your school's directory.

What is it?

Mobile Connectory is a tool for creating your school's directory. It gives you access to our proprietary online database and our smartphone app.

How does it work?

Simply purchase an annual subscription based upon your school size, and you have access to all of the features. It's a self-service tool. You can upload your student data from a spreadsheet, let your parents create online accounts to have direct control over their own directory data, and so much more.

There's a smartphone app!

Mobile Connectory lets you offer your school community a choice. Use our reports to create a traditional printed paper directory or have parents download the smartphone app and have access to all the current information right on their phone.

It's secure.

The information is for your school directory purposes only.
We do not sell or share your information, and we use the latest technology to protect your privacy.