mobile connectory

About Us

Mobile Connectory was founded by Holly McClure, mom of school-age children, out of the simple desire to have the school directory on her phone.

Holly worked for ten years in the engineering and construction industry in both design and construction management on several large-scale projects. Her construction management work often presented her with the opportunity to create custom databases that could be accessed by an array of different users for tracking the voluminous and complicated documentation required on large-scale projects.

Once her children were in school, it became clear that
countless selfless volunteers around the US were suffering
through the school directory process, making due with less than adequate tools. Fighting spreadsheets, coercing friends and relatives with database knowledge into helping out, or, poor souls, creating directories in word processing programs.

A custom database was just the balm needed to end the suffering. And as a person who can never find a phone number written on a piece of paper when it's needed, Holly's selfish desire was to have a database that could link to her phone.

Thanks to a fabulous technical team of web designers and smartphone app developers, Mobile Connectory was born.